31 years of experience

Nika’s winning record speaks for itself. Year after year, she adds more ‘not guilty‘ verdicts to her record. Her 31 years of experience make her an expert. No matter what the case is, Nika can help.


Steffan L.
Nika is one of the most amazing people you will ever deal with! She has the heart to fight and will do whatever is necessary for her clients case! She changed my life!
Amber L.
She's really professional and actually takes time to figure out what your next steps are. Very kind but firm. What you need in a lawyer.
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Kahle S
Nika is absolutely amazing! I hired her and she had all of my charges dropped against me. I highly recommend this lady! Very professional and she actually CARES and LISTENS. Well worth your money. If I ever, god forbid, get in trouble, I'd hire her again in a hurry.
Renata B
This lady is great! I hired her and got a sentence modification. If I was in trouble is hire her.
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