Over 30 years of experience defending Wichita, Kansas from drug charges.

Nika has a reputation for winning. Hiring her is good bet for your future.

Wichita Drug Possession Lawyer

Have you been arrested for drug possession in Wichita, Kansas? Don’t wait to hire an experienced attorney to fight the charges. Your freedom, reputation and employment are on the line.

Nika Cummings has over 30 years of experience fighting drug charges in Wichita, Kansas. As a former prosecutor, she knows what the other team is looking for and how to fight it.

How Nika Can Help If You’re Arrested For Drug Possession In Wichita?

When you are charged with drug possession, whether it’s cannabis charges or other illicit drugs, you face the full force of the criminal justice system. Kansas drug laws are harsh. Prosecutors often want you to face jail time and have little sympathy for alleged offenders, even in cases of simple drug possession for personal use. 

You deserve a Wichita criminal defense attorney who will protect your constitutional rights. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Nika Cummings has over 30 years of experience handling felony and misdemeanor charges.

When you choose her to represent you in your drug possession case, she will:

  • Investigate your case thoroughly 
  • Offer sound legal advice
  • Provide the best approach to winning your case
  • Challenge the state’s evidence against you, including how it was identified and obtained
  • Work with specialists in the field for expert testimony to level the playing field against you

Nika believes you deserve a defense lawyer who cares about you. Nika doesn’t judge. She knows everyone makes mistakes. She will fight to preserve your future and secure the best possible outcome.

If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, Nika can help.

Nika Cummings

Nika Cummings has practiced law in Wichita, Kansas for 31 years. Her criminal defense record is impressive, with a large number of dismissed charges and acquittals in Sedgwick County. At one point, she had more not-guilty jury-trial verdicts in felony cases over a 5 year period than any other criminal defense attorney trying cases in Sedgwick County. Nika’s skill comes from experience and determination but also compassion. She has seen everything. She knows good people get into bad situations. If you’re looking for someone to handle your case, give Nika a call.

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More not-guilty jury-trial verdicts in felony cases than any other Sedgwick County criminal defense attorney between 2009 – 2014 

Have a Misdemeanor or felony?

Nika’s winning record speaks for itself. Year after year, she adds more ‘not guilty‘ verdicts to her record. Her 31 years of experience make her an expert. No matter what the case is, Nika can help.